New Music: Khalid – Perfect


Can ‘perfect’ exist?

Hot on the heels of winning Best New Artist at the 2017 VMA’s, Khalid surprises fans with a short-but-sweet new song.  Over husky acoustic strings, the crooner’s raw drawl compliments as he sings about life’s struggles and insecurities.

Calling it “a song from the soul,” the 19-year-old singer-songwriter laments: “I’ve been on my own for a long time / I’m feeling kind of lonely / Nothing’s fun when I’m the only one out here who knows me.”

Khalid also offers introspection on changes, sadness, and the search for perfection. “I know I’ll never be perfect / I’m thinking out loud, but I know someone will hear me / Crying out for help,” he sings.

After unleashing the rough draft, the “Location” singer explained that it might remain the only version available. “I’m probs gonna leave it at rough draft,” he said. “The first song I released was a rough draft on SoundCloud. I’m leaving this on SoundCloud as well. Thank you guys, love you.”

Listen to “Perfect” below.

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Watch: Jhené Aiko Releases Short Film ‘Trip’


Jhené Aiko is taking us on a ‘Trip.’

Even though we’ve been patiently waiting for the Sailing Soul to finally release her sophomore album, we’re not mad at her first venture into film with Trip. Co-written and directed by Tracy Oliver (Girls Trip), the 23-minute short showcases Jhené’s growth in learning how to cope with the death of her brother while also giving fans a sneak peek of music she’s yet to release.

“Crazy, how I can stare into empty space and see his smile, crystal clear as day,” she says in the intro. “I close my eyes and hear his voice.”

Aiko portrays the main character Penny, a depressed poet who’s addicted to prescription meds but is willing to try anything once to numb the pain away. After she meets a charismatic Danté who just so happened to intrude on her favorite writing spot, she goes down a dark twisted road that leads her face to face with her truth — her obsession with avoiding pain instead of dealing with it.

“I am looking for a brother’s love in every single man,” she says. “But you’ll never see me like my brother did, you’ll never need me like a brother did. There’s a black hole in my soul. It’s beginning to show.”

Featuring her singles, “Maniac,” “While We’re Young,” and “Hello Ego,” Trip will have you feel the full range of emotions, laugh and cry, then make you want to hug your closest friends and family.

“I was a sunken ship,” she says at the end. “A drunken sip of something thick / And then I took a trip / There was no captain / But you were my anchor.”

Fans can download the movie, which is currently available for free streaming via YouTube, for $4 through her newly-launched website,

Watch the trippy short film below.

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New Music: Ty Dolla $ign feat. Jeremih – ‘Dawsin’s Breek’ + ‘Message In A Bottle’


Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer Ty Dolla $ign has announced that his new album, Beach House 3, will arrive everywhere October 27 via Atlantic Records.

To accompany the early pre-order, Ty has just released two brand new songs. The first finds Ty collaborating with fellow hitmaker Jeremih on “Dawsin’s Breek.”  Over a hard-hitting vibey production by Mike Will, Ty sings: “I got a brand new coupe / I got a brand new ‘Rarri / I got a brand new boo / I put my ex in park.”

Following the song’s premiere on Beats 1, Ty explained his inspiration. “I’m just trying to stay ahead,” he said. “I told y’all before. There’s no such thing as try. I am just taking it ahead. Gang shit.”

Partly influenced by the late ’90s, early 2000s teen drama “Dawson’s Creek” Ty added, “It was inspired by ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ but I didn’t want to use their name. So we made up our own name.”

The B-side single comes in the form of the lofty “Message in a Bottle,” which boasts an acoustic track as Dolla sings about drinking, texting exes, and living life like it’s a movie.

“Thanks to the message in a bottle / Let me get a swallow / Filling up my cup, section full of models / And we going up like it’s a Tuesday / Drinking ’till I’m woozy / Know I’m ’bout that action / Living like a movie,” he sings.

“Dawsin’s Breek” and “Message in a Bottle” follow “So Am I” and “Love U Better” off Dolla’s Beach House 3, which is set to drop Oct. 27.

Take a listen to both songs below.

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Xscape Debut Drama Filled Trailer For “Still Kickin’ It” Reality Show

Xscape Show Promo

If you can’t get enough of Xscape‘s comeback, Bravo has your inside look!

Hot on the heels of announcing their headlining comeback tour, “The Great Xscape Tour,” the ’90s R&B divas has shared a sneak peek look at their anticipated reunion reality show.

It’s been 18 years since the quartet’s last album, and they have plenty to catch up on and reacquaint themselves with, including some classic reality show drama. The ladies have love for each other, but there are still some lingering issues between them, and even with music industry legend, Jermaine Dupri.

“Xscape was huge in the 90s, but the sh*t hit the fan,” they say in the clip. “We broke up. We haven’t been together in eighteen years.”

The series, titled Xscape: Still Kickin’ It, documents Kandi Burruss-Tucker, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott’s reunion as they prepare to take the stage after nearly two decades apart. In the preview, the ladies tackle past incidents and drama that led to their demise, including the actions of group members, the beef between Kandi and LaTocha, and Jermaine Dupri’s role.

Xscape: Still Kickin’ It will premiere on Bravo on November 5 at 9/8c. Check out the previews below.

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Report: Mariah Carey Docu-series Coming to VH1

Mariah Carey is ready for another reality show.

Following her eight-episode “Mariah’s World” docu-series, which will not return to E!, MC has landed a new VH1 reality show, according to Page Six.

Insiders say that the forthcoming program will document an upcoming milestone tour. “‘Mariah’s World’ was always planned to be an eight-part TV event,” said an unnamed source. “But now she is planning a huge world tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Butterfly’ to start early 2018. It will be similar to U2’s ‘Joshua Tree Tour.’ VH1 is set to film a docuseries that will capture the behind-the-scenes of her tour.”

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Melanie Fiona Announces & Previews New Single “Remember You”

Melanie Fiona cloth

Melanie Fiona‘s comeback train has almost arrived!  Last month, the soulful songstress announced that she was working on new music and her anticipated third studio album was on the way. She revealed that the project would be titled ‘Next Train’ and it was due out in early 2018. Now, fans can get even more excited because the LP’s first official single is dropping on Friday (Sept. 22).

Taking to her Instagram page, Melanie announced the song and previewed it with 2 video clips. The latest shows her standing against a wall while passionately singing an a cappella preview of the first verse.

“I can’t, fall back in love again / You broke this simple heart / That used to beat for you my friend,” she sings. “And I say that you’ve got some nerve just to come back and say that you’re sorry / For what / You’ve got some nerve to break what I feel and play me now you’re sorry.”

In an earlier clip, Mel sits in a stairwell while performing the spoken word styled foreword for the single, where she addresses an ex boyfriend. “I remember you not for who you are or what you do / Now you’re like a hurdle / Not one to get over but one to break through,” she says.

The two-time Grammy Award winner’s new project will feature her genuine story-telling abilities that express both vulnerability and strength. The album follows her 2012 effort The MF Life, which spawned the singles “Gone and Never Coming Back,” “4am,” and “This Time.”

Preview Melanie’s new single below.

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Bobby V Signs Multi-Million Dollar Record Deal With Universal; Preps New Album For 2018


Bobby V has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

The multi-platinum selling R&B crooner has been doing his thing independent for nearly a decade, but the Atlanta native just announced his brand new partnership which will bring him back under the Universal Music Group umbrella.

According to a press release, Bobby has inked a multi-million dollar recording agreement with The SRG-ILS Group/Universal Music Group.  His first release through the deal is due out in early 2018.   The signing comes through a relationship with Bobby’s long time collaborator, producer Tim Kelley (Tim & Bob), who is now Head of A&R at SRG-ILS.

“I watched my parents work from very humble beginnings to make a life for me and my sister. They instilled the values of family, hard work and being passionate for all I do. To get a chance to work with Tim again and show everyone what I am about is a true blessing,” says Bobby.

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Jhené Aiko Debuts Trailer for Short Film ‘Trip’

Jhene Aiko Trip Trailer

Get ready to take a ‘Trip’ with Jhené Aiko. The songstress has teased her followers with a preview of the short film that will support her forthcoming album, Trip 17.

Taking to social media, Aiko released a short trailer for the visual, which she co-wrote with Tracy Oliver (Girls Trip, Barbershop: The Next Cut).

Jhené introduces us to her character Penny in the sneak peek. She is seen walking through a wooded area near water, as the sound of ocean waves are heard in the background under lush acoustic strings. A mysterious man is then seen pleading with her, as he asks: “Come on this trip with me.”

It is speculated that the singer-songwriter has been crafting the surprise film to accompany her much-anticipated sophomore studio album. Last month, in an interview with Playboy, Jhené revealed that the project is “inspired by every type of trip you could imagine.”

“I’m a bit of an escape artist. I like to take myself out of my element and create. I went to Hawaii by myself and hiked. When you connect with nature, you connect with yourself,” she said about crafting the album, which has been described as a map.

According to the front page of the script, the Trip film will also feature original poetry by Aiko. In June, she released the single “While We’re Young” along with its 50 First Dates-inspired video. Shortly after, she followed it up with her Chris Brown collaboration, “Hello Ego (Don’t Stop).”

Trip 17 will follow Aiko’s 2014 debut studio album, Souled Out.

Watch Jhené embark on her Trip in the trailer below.

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